Freedom, silence and a giant range.  Harley-Davidson electric bikes are also coming to Europe

Originally it was just a design exercise, but in the end Harley-Davidson decided to offer it Serial 1 Mosh/Tribute as a limited edition. Refers to Serial Number One, which is the designation for the oldest known Harley-Davidson motorcycle from 1903.

The e-bike takes snow-white tires, leather grips, a seat sprung with acknowledged springs, polished chrome elements and black lacquer with gold lettering from the historic motorcycle. This is exactly where history ends and modernity begins, however, from a technical point of view, the limited Mosh / Tribute does not differ from the basic model.

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Serial Number One, the first known Harley-Davidson from 1903.

Super Moto-X tires were manufactured by Schwalbe exclusively for Mosh / Tribute and leather accessories were supplied by Brooks England. So it is clear that you can not expect a low price: $ 5,999 is about 160 thousand crowns. Half of the limited edition 650 pieces will remain in America, the other will go to Europe.

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As with motorcycles, Harley-Davidson sees the market-filled journey in individualization and exclusive series. This round is called Mosh / Chopper, a single piece was created and he auctioned off for $ 14,200 (about $ 370,000). It is clear that the manufacturer intends to continue with this “1-OFF” series.

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