Left alliance to face ruling right party in Honduran elections

Honduran Xiomara Castro, presidential candidate of the leftist Freedom and Refoundation party at a rally in the city of Zambrano, Honduras, on June 28, 2021 – AFP

A left-wing alliance led by Xiomara Castro, wife of ousted president Manuel Zelaya, will face Nasry Asfura, the ruling party’s candidate, in elections in Honduras on November 28, its leaders announced on Wednesday (13).

“I’m honored because, for the first time in Honduras, we will have a female president,” Salvador Nasralla, of the Salvador Party of Honduras (PSH, center-right), said at a press conference, when announcing the alliance with Castro.

In turn, Castro, from the Liberty and Refoundation party (Livre, left), guaranteed that, with this alliance, an “end point” is being placed in what he called a “dictatorship”, referring to the government of Juan Orlando Hernández.

Nasralla was the candidate of an alliance with Livre in the last elections of 2017, in which Hernández, from the National Party (PN, right), was re-elected, in a process that would have been fraudulent, according to the opposition.

At the time, Castro set aside his presidential aspiration in favor of Nasralla.

“Today it’s my turn to give her back so she can run,” added Nasralla, a popular television presenter and sports journalist.

“The party of the dictatorship is over, its time is over (…) Honduras needs a woman’s heart to govern,” added Castro, whose husband was deposed in a 2009 coup by military and civilians for his alliance with Venezuelan ruler Hugo Chávez.

Castro, Nasralla and the candidate in the situation, the mayor of Tegucigalpa, Nasry “Tito” Asfura, have led the polls in recent weeks.

In the general elections, 14 political parties will try to elect a president for the next four years -starting on January 27-, deputies and mayors.

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