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Legislators from the Frente de Todos (FDT) porteo block led on Tuesday the act of placing a plaque at the Ro de Janeiro station of subway line A in tribute to Marielle Franco, the Rio de Janeiro councilor murdered in March 2018 after denouncing violence police in the favelas of Brazil.

The initiative of the tribute was at the request of a draft of the legislator of the FDT Mara Bielli, who pointed out that “as of today, the story of Marielle Franco breaks into our daily trips by subway in the City” of Buenos Aires.

“It is an exercise in feminist memory that arises from the networks built between the peoples. Here and there, we will continue to ask for justice and building a great homeland where we can all fit“I say.

(Captura Twitter @taliriapetrone)

(Captura Twitter @taliriapetrone)

At the ceremony were the legislator portea Laura Velasco, the general secretary of the Subway Workers’ Union Association, Beto Pianelli, and Paolo Pereira and Danielle Santanna, members of the Passarinho collective, which brings together migrants from Brazil in Argentina.

“Marielle Franco is a symbol of a long tradition of black women who fought and resisted in Brazil and throughout Latin America. To pay tribute to these women is to guarantee that we will talk about their struggles for many years, it is to guarantee the right to memory. That is to say that we will be resistance, that Marielle is a seed and lives in each of us who vindicate and carry out their struggle“, expres Santanna.

Marielle Franco, a human rights defender, was murdered on March 14, 2018 in Rio de Janeiro after denouncing police violence in the Rio de Janeiro favelas.

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