Lego removes girls and boys from toys

No more Lego for girls and those for boys! The construction toy brand puts an end to gender steretypes by removing references to the sex of the child from its marketing products.

Danish toy maker is finally tackling gender stereotypes in its marketing products! This October 11, Lego has announced that the words “for girls” and “for boys” will be removed from toys and packaging. Thus, the Lego will no longer be classified according to the sex of the child, but rather by themes, specifies the group in Guardian.

This decision follows a study conducted among 7,000 parents of children aged 6 to 14, across countries such as China, the United States, Pölogne, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom. Czech Republic. According to this survey, 71% of boys said they were afraid of being teased if they played games intended for girls. As for parents, they tend to encourage their boy to scientific experiments or sports activities, while girls are encouraged to cook or dance. “There is an asymmetry. We encourage girls to play with ‘boy stuff’ but not the other way around. This is a problem because toys provide training opportunities. If girls don’t play with Lego or other construction toys, they don’t develop space skills that will help them later. If the dolls are offered to girls but not boys, then they will lack educational skills“specifies the neurobiologist and Pr Gina Rippon.

Remember that the government recently signed a charter of commitments for mixed toys, which encourages toy manufacturers to no longer distinguish between toys for girls and toys for boys. The latter must indeed offer gender-neutral mixed toys, whether in toy catalogs or on store shelves, and thus put an end to gender stereotypes from childhood.

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