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Forward should be Palmeiras’ new reinforcement for the 2022 season

Photo: César Greco / Palmeiras
Photo: César Greco / Palmeiras

After closing with midfielder Eduard Atuesta, midfielder Jailson, forward Rafael Navarro, goalkeeper Marcelo Lomba and defender Murilo, Leila Pereira and Anderson Barros are quite optimistic that they will be able to close with the last reinforcement in this transfer window: Lucas Alario. The board understands that the Argentine is the ideal player to take charge of the attack in 2022. After taking a “no” from the striker in the first attempt, which was held on December 28, now, Anderson Barros managed to convince Lucas Alario to play in the current Brazilian two-time champion.

For this, the manager used the Copa Libertadores and the World Championship to convince the top scorer to return to South American football. However, for the agreement to be signed, Bayer Leverkusen, from Germany, needs to accept the conditions made by Alviverde, who made a loan proposal until the end of 2022 and a purchase pass set at 6 million euros.

The journalist Danilo Lavieri spoke about the possible signing of the Argentine. During a special live by Uol Esporte this Thursday (13), the professional stated that it would be an excellent signing for Leila Pereira, but warned that the German team will play hard to release the striker.

“Palmeiras is very focused on hiring Alario, who is an experienced player and would add that to the squad. Palmeiras has renewed their team a little. Alario could be a great reinforcement. If he plays as he did in his passage through South American football , will have everything to return to Europe with even more talent. He plays a lot of ball and has characteristics that few people have in Brazilian football. He would be an excellent signing. “Palmeiras managed to advance, because Alario didn’t even want to return to South America , and convince him. It remains to be seen whether Bayer Leverkusen will accept this loan and release him. German journalists say that this release will not be that easy, so we need to know how Palmeiras will act”, said the journalist, who finally ended his participation in the program saying that the arrival of the Argentine could put an end to the criticism of the fans, which are bothering Leila Pereira.

“The club has a reserve to spend on a number nine and the pressure is increasing a lot. The Palmeiras board is getting uncomfortable with this pressure, which continues to increase. She understands that the criticism is a bit exaggerated.”

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