Leo Dias returns to ‘Fofocalizando’ after three years

		Leo Dias returns to 'Fofocalizando' after three years
Photo: Reproduction / SBT

After three years away from SBT’s daily program, journalist Leo Dias is back on ‘Fofocalizando’. Starting next week, the Metrópoles columnist will be present at the attraction to try to raise the afternoon audience of Silvio Santos’ station.

He will go live weekly to reveal news and exclusive interviews from the celebrity world. Léo joined the cast of the program in 2017 and 2019. The gossip attraction will occupy the time slot of Cristina Rocha’s program, ‘Casos de Família’.

Reporters Isabele Benito, who runs SBT Rio, and Kallyna Sabino, who has worked for Jovem Pan, will also join the cast. It is worth mentioning that Chris Flores, Gabi Cabrini, Gabriel Cartolano and Flor continue to present the program.


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