Leo Reyes Cayente: They deny protection to María Cayente to thoroughly review her son's case

Comonfort, Guanajuato.- With a lot of anger and carrying the photo of his son María Guadalupe Cayente left the hearing where the protection she requested was denied by the Guarantee Control Judge.

The opportunity to thoroughly review the case of Leonardo Reyes Cayente “fell apart” when the Judge, Mónica Edith Olmos, explained that the amparo was not applicable because it was out of time.

“I am angry, very angry. Three years without solving anything. Three years dead in life, I think it is not fair. Enough of so much mockery,” said María Guadalupe Cayente.

On December 13, 2018, the 23-year-old was allegedly killed by police officers from the State Public Security Forces (FSPE), in San Miguel de Allende.

Six state troopers were involved, of which 3 are active and 3 have discharged.

At noon, family members, lawyers and the media entered the oral courtroom in Comonfort.

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Hearing begins and judge denies protection

The judge began with the hearing and Guadalupe’s face was one of concern and uncertainty.

The resolution was that no criminal action be brought against the 6 policemen of the State Public Security Forces (FSPE) and the case will be closed.

During the session, several documents were read, among the most important were the subpoenas issued by the Prosecutor’s Office to publicize the resolution of Leonardo’s case.

In at least 4 subpoenas, the Criminal Investigation Agents and the Public Ministry did not contact the indirect victim, in this case Leonardo’s mother.

The defense of “Leo”, headed by the lawyer, Juan José Padierna argued that there were several anomalies in the subpoenas, since the hours did not even coincide.

During the hearing, Guadalupe and her lawyer looked worried, nervous and, above all, dissatisfied.

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The Judge explained to both parties that the protection requested by the defense was dated August 28, 2021 and the last summons from the Prosecutor’s Office was dated July.

The judge mentioned that the victim had 10 business days to challenge or disagree with the resolution of the Prosecutor’s Office, but almost a month passed.

At 1:56, after a 15-minute break, the Judge qualified the amparo as extemporaneous.

Leonardo’s mother put her hands to her face and shook her head, because she couldn’t believe what was happening.

Mónica Edith went to Leo Reyes Cayente’s mother and mentioned that she was not in charge of investigating and understood his pain.

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At 2:39 in the afternoon, the hearing ended and María Guadalupe left the room in the company of lawyers and relatives.

In an interview, he mentioned that he has the right to justice for the death of his son.

“They take us as a toy, as if we were nothing. The consolation that remains is that he has a family and hopefully what happens to me does not happen to them, because then they will understand me,” added Leonardo Reyes Cayente’s mother.

The lawyer for the Cayente family mentioned that they will seek other resources through the Federation, so that the case is reviewed and justice for Leonardo’s death is done.


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