Léo Santana celebrates Carnival music award with samba circle

Léo Santana took advantage of the end of the Bahian revelry, after pulling trio in the traditional dragnet of Ash Wednesday, to celebrate the song title of Carnival.

With “Zona de Perigo” the singer won the “Bahia Folia” award and decided to celebrate the victory with a samba circle at his home in Salvador.

Through a post on his Instagram profile, the singer appeared alongside friends and members of the CBX Samba Club band to celebrate the trophy with lots of music.

“My way of THANKING each one of you who accompany me, who support me and believe in everything I do!”, Wrote Léo Santana when sharing the moment.

In the comments, celebrities shared the same joy as the singer. “Total delight”, wrote Ivete Sangalo. “Too happy brother for your beautiful and blessed moment”, commented the comedian Tirullipa.

See the video:

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