León 2022 Fair: Palenque and Velaria de la Feria will be 'shielded' with sanitary filters

AM.- One day after theto León Fair 2022, the Board authorities announced the measures that will be taken to prevent contagion within the Velaria of the Fair and the Palenque.

In the first place, the capacity in venues such as La Velaria will be reduced, since 35 thousand people (according to their data) the maximum presence in the enclosure will be reduced to 17 thousand.

It is expected that Santa Fe Klan, Los Tigres del Norte, Danny Ocean, Carín León, are the artists with the largest capacity during the event, qIt will be held from January 14 to February 9.

In the case of Marco Antonio Solís ‘El Buki’, maximum access will be 2,000 people on January 28 and 29.

Taking the temperature, applying gel, as well as cleaning the spaces once the events take place, will be the protocols for outdoor spaces, such as La Velaria.

Palenque of the Fair

In the Palenque de la Feria, the allowed capacity will be 70%, according to AM data, the place has a space for 6,928 seats, so the number of attendees will have to be less than that amount.

When accessing events, there will be a temperature measurement, the correct use of the mask will be requested and to wear it at all times, even if you want to sing, do it with the mask to avoid contagion, since the virus can remain airborne and infect.

The Palenque of the Fair. Photo: Special

In addition, there will be sanitizers UVC inside the Palenque, and even the mask service for those who do not wear or break inside the event.

As far as possible, a healthy distance will be requested, and in case of testing positive for COVID, refrain from going to crowded places to avoid contagion, that is, isolate yourself.

At the end of each variety, a special sanitation will be carried out on the premises, according to the Board of Trustees.

There will be no Palenque on Mondays

Tapatia Company confirmed that there will be no concerts on Mondays, to avoid the exposure time of the attendees.

There will only be one afternoon, Angela Aguilar’s on January 23rd.

Velaria of the Fair. Photo: Special

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