León police attacked and mayor Alejandra Gutiérrez meets with those attacked

Leon, Guanajuato – Again in León there was a bullet attack against the Municipal Police during the early hours of this Thursday and fortunately there were no injuries.

The mayor, Alejandra Gutiérrez Campos, visited the Northern Police Delegation where she met with the agents attacked and gave them her support.

They attack three policemen with bullets and break the windows of the patrol

Three Municipal Police officers were attacked with firearms in the La Selva neighborhood when a report on detonations came to the attention.

The policemen suffered minor injuries from the windows of the patrol in which they came to the attention of the report, without any having been shot.

At approximately 2.30 am this Thursday, the agents who were in patrol 416 received the report on firearm detonations on Selva Tropical and Túnica streets, so they mobilized to the place.

Upon arrival they were received by bullets by several people, without being able to determine their identity and neither if they were in a vehicle.

The patrol driver drove to the José María Morelos bypass and Hilario Medina Boulevard, where he requested the support of colleagues and paramedics to care for him and his companions, none of them suffered firearm injuries, only from the glass.

The policemen were assessed and taken to a clinic for their attention, while the operations were mounted in the area where the attack took place, without any detainees.

11 police officers are killed in León

In this month, three municipal police officers have been assassinated and there are already 11 agents of the León Public Security Secretariat (SSPL) who kill in the period of Mario Bravo Arrona as head of the agency.

There has not been a single day that we do not work on the security issue, there is not a day that does not have meetings with different security areas … We are not going to leave them alone, we are going to take care of them as they take care of us, “said the Municipal President yesterday in interview with the media regarding the attacks on elements of the SSPL.

Gutiérrez Campos spoke with the officers who were attacked and expressed his support, as well as another group of policemen who participated in the arrest of three alleged perpetrators of a homicide in the La Carmona neighborhood.

The Mayor made the visit to the North Police Delegation accompanied by the secretary Mario Bravo Arrona and the director of the Municipal Police, Jorge Guillén Rico.

There they shared some results of the police operations from Wednesday afternoon to early Thursday morning, such as the arrest of 14 people for different crimes, the seizure of three weapons and the seizure of glass wrappers.

Yesterday the Municipal President assured that they continue working on the budget for next year, in order to be able to allocate more resources to the security corporations with which they can make salary improvements and give them better equipment such as uniforms, vests and weapons.

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