León: Viridiana Margarita Márquez Moreno is elected to head the Municipal Comptroller's Office

Leon, Guanajuato.- Even though it was the Viridiana Margarita Márquez Moreno was elected member of the shortlist with the lowest qualification in the candidate evaluation process. by the PAN majority of the City Council as new Municipal Comptroller.

And to elect her it was necessary to go to a second round of voting, because in the first round the PAN did not obtain the 10 votes required by law, which is the qualified majority. She is in charge of the office since the beginning of the administration on October 10.

And is that Mark Sandoval Salmerón obtained the highest grade: 90 points; Silvia Fabiola Campos Gutierrez 85.8 and Viridiana It had 84.2 points in the total result of the evaluation that included curriculum review, knowledge test and face-to-face interviews with the members of the Municipal Citizen Committee.

This is established in the opinion presented by the committee to the City Council on January 10, of which AM has a copy.

In this document it is detailed that among the three, Viridiana Margarita Márquez Moreno also obtained second place in the knowledge test applied on December 20.

Well, Mark Salmerón obtained 92 points out of a total of 100; Viridiana Margarita Márquez Moreno had 88 and Silvia Campos achieved 70. The minimum grade to pass was 70%.

In the interviews conducted on January 4 with the 10 finalists, Viridiana Margarita Márquez Moreno was also the one with the lowest rating of the three, with 84.2 points; Mark Sandoval Salmerón had 90 points and Silvia Campos Gutiérrez, had 85.8 points.

For the first time in León, the Municipal Citizen Committee carried out the entire selection and evaluation process of the candidates who presented themselves, and who formed the shortlist that they presented to the City Council.

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Second round of voting

In the first vote, Viridiana Margarita Márquez Moreno only obtained 9 votes from the PAN, since the PAN trustee José Arturo Sánchez Castellanos did not vote for her, but for Mark Sandoval.

The three council members of Morena and council member Lucía Verdín Limón, from Movimiento Ciudadano, voted for Mark Salmerón; the PRI member Araceli Escobar, by Silvia Campos.

In the second round, Viridiana Margarita Márquez Moreno kept the 9 votes and Mark Sandoval 6 votes.

Sergio Ramírez, a member of the Municipal Citizen Committee, recalled that they began to work in November of last year, that the call was published in various media and they received the proposals of 17 applicants.

Luis Felipe Carpizo, also a member of the Committee, added that at no time did they receive any pressure or suggestion to choose any candidate. But he hoped that in the following processes they not only propose a shortlist, but that it be the Committee itself who appoints the Municipal Comptroller.

María Fernanda Rivera added that they never received any pressure.

PRI and Morena question the process and candidates

The municipal president Alejandra Gutiérrez Campos stressed that with this new method the citizen is given the possibility of choosing, not the party in power does.

Councilor Luz Graciela said that the León City Council complied in a timely manner.

Hildeberto Moreno He stressed that the rules with which it was chosen are recent.

The councilor Antonio Cabrera, from Morena, considered that this new model for the election of the controller did not have the desired results, because it was expected that society would participate in this call and that a broad and open process would be carried out. Because it considered that said public consultation was not carried out.

The councilor Araceli Escobar He stated that unfortunately the shortlist does not have candidates who have sufficiently the required qualities, since they participated in the previous municipal government.

Well, the main task of the Comptroller will be to audit the previous administration. He said that he would vote against the three proposals and regretted that a proposal at the height of the Leonese had not been achieved.

The councilor Gabriela Echeverria, from Morena, considered that none of the members of the shortlist meets the requirements. So he voted for Mark Sandoval, like his two companions from Morena.

Councilor Hildeberto Moreno, from the PAN, affirmed that this process was carried out in accordance with the Law. “If they don’t like it anymore, that’s something else,” he said.


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