Les Amour d'Anaïs, Blue Bayou ... our movie tips for September 15

Yes, “Dune” is a gem that shatters all the expectations of moviegoers, but the good news is that moviegoers are spoiled. This September 15, the dark rooms have other nuggets in store for them: “Les Amours d’Anaïs”, a sparkling romantic comedy, “The State of Texas against Melissa”, a chilling documentary, or even “Blue Bayou”, a drama heartbreaking…

The Loves of Anaïs by Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet

© Haut et Court

Here is an exuberant and delicate story of loves and desires. For the exuberance, we owe this to Anaïs, the character, and Anaïs (Demoustier), the actress. The young woman wriggles in all directions as doubts abound in her mind. Is she happy in her marriage? Does this internship suit him? Is she ready to invest in a job, a relationship? And then this editor is much older than her, why is he not more available? Hey, how is it that his wife, a writer, fascinates her so much? The questions corner the thirty, who tries to escape them by running. The camera that follows her at a maddening pace brilliantly captures her monologues, the incredible situations and the minute desires of this heroine as light as she is deep. Faced with this tornado, Denis Podalydès is all in fun and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi in all sensuality. Exuberant Anaïs therefore. For the delicacy, the dialogues, the characters and the questions raised, you can thank Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet, at the origin of this delightful existential comedy. A marvel of first feature film.

With Anaïs Demoustier, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Denis Podalydès (1h38).

The State of Texas vs. Melissa the Sabrina Van Tassel

© Alba Films

Melissa Lucio has been on death row for 11 years. This is not a fiction, but a reality. This Mexican is the first Hispanic woman to be sentenced to death in Texas. She is accused by the American justice of having beaten her 2 year old daughter until taking her life. Melissa has always denied having raised a hand on Mariah, the last of a family of 14 children. The State of Texas vs. Melissa retraces the investigation, cross-references the testimonies and offers a 360-degree view of this chilling affair. Sabrina Van Tassel’s investigative work impresses. The director collected versions from everyone involved, from Melissa herself on death row to her children, medical examiners and lawyers. Scientific explanations intertwine with precarious daily life and political twists and turns to fall back on the distress of this destroyed family. A terrible documentary on the consequences of a questionable system. Not to be recommended for the most sensitive.

With Melissa Lucio (1h37).

Blue Bayou de Justin Chon

© Universal Pictures France

Blue Bayou lifts the veil on a legal vacuum that has been shattering lives for several years. Antonio LeBlanc is of Korean descent, but was adopted as a baby by Americans. He grew up in Louisiana, where he met his wife and where he educates her daughter as if it were his own. At 30 years old and trifle, his world collapsed when he discovered that the administration had the power to expel him because of a law passed in 2000 and parents who were not very quick, at the time, to obtain him the American nationality. Alicia Vikander is superb as a mother in love, scared, but who holds up. The chemistry between Justin Chon and the young Sydney Kowalske is to make even the hardest of hearts shake. Finally, the photograph of this drama is of a bluish beauty, as if to announce the flood of emotions to come. Despite some lengths, we come out with the blues and lots of beautiful images in mind.

With Justin Chon, Alicia Vikander (1h58)

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