The UCR repudiated the outburst of the mayor of General Pinedo

The mayor of General Pinedo, Franco Ciucci, was closing a party act in that Chaco city, in commemoration of the two years of his electoral triumph, where he criticized the previous administration because he left a devastated municipality ”and ended with a serious outburst:“ For the radicals to die ”. Despite their apologies, the national UCR expressed that the words of the local official “are loaded with hatred and resentment.”

We take a photo like this, so that the radicals die”Was the complete phrase of the municipal leader who is part of the Chaco Front, which responds to the ruling coalition of the Frente de Todos.

From the national committee of the Radical Civic Union they repudiated the unfortunate phrase on Twitter. “The words of the mayor of General Pinedo, Franco Ciucci, are loaded with hatred and resentment. Every day, the Frente de Todos stars in a new scandal. It’s time to tell them ‘enough’.

The Chaco mayor apologized through his Facebook profile: I want to sincerely apologize for the outburst in the partisan celebration and to thank the accompaniment of the companions who gave color to this celebration two years after the triumph “.

Before the outburst with which the act closed, the municipal president had highlighted the achievements made by his administration at the head of the municipality, since 2019 when he took office; and criticized the management of his radical predecessor Juan Antonio Reschini, according to information from A24.

“US we found a devastated municipality, without tools and without adequate personnel. They have destroyed everything they did. Years have been stolen from Pinedo and they want to say that they are honest. Manga de atorrantes “, said the mayor. And added:” They want to question what I spend, I spend in my town and everything is in sight. “

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