“Let’s Dance” stars Renata and Valentin Lusin lost their baby

The “Let’s Dance”-professional dancer Renata Lusin (35) has one miscarriage suffered. According to previous media reports they have now confirmed to the broadcaster RTL: “Yes, it’s unfortunately true. The baby didn’t develop.” She can’t say how she feels at the moment: “I have to process the whole thing first, but I’m trying to stay strong.”

A few weeks ago, Renata and her husband Valentin Lusin (36), who is also known from the dance show, confirmed that they were expecting a child. That’s why the dancer had to cancel her participation in the new season, which started recently. The transmitter had written on Instagram on February 15that the couple, who have been together for around 20 years and have been married since 2014, are expecting their first child together. It was already clear that her colleague Malika Dzumaev (32) would replace Renata Lusin.

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