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The dictatorship of coercive leasing

Forced leasing is undemocratic. Bypassing the condition of owners of properties or fractions, the State is trying to create conditions for renting by force. But… there is always a but… The State is the first to have vacant houses in the country, by the thousands and thousands. First, it should resolve these situations, putting these properties at the head of the lease, and only then should it be able to turn to other owners, through the municipalities, with the advantage of then needing much less houses to rent, which would allow the issue was approached with greater simplicity and based on less controversy. It would be more democratic. Otherwise, we will be facing big brothers, which is as if to say, in these circumstances, when faced with recourse to denunciation, that is, to a dictatorship of coercive leasing. And that is to be avoided for the sake of everyone and the health of the regime.

Eduardo Fidalgo, Linda-a-Velha

life and death

First of all, I want to congratulate you on the Sunday edition, which was directed by Ai WeiWei. I have a lot to learn from him. Thank you very much. On the controversy surrounding the crimes committed by some priests who are still active, I always tell you that it was with great astonishment that I heard Bishop Ornelas say things different from what he had left us ajar 15 days before.

I understand that priests feel very comforted after confessing to another priest or even a bishop, with a penance of three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys and hearing that expression that in the name of God says to them: “ Go, you are forgiven.”

But this priest who taught a child what sin was and then abused him, in addition to being a church minister, is also a citizen. He has a citizen’s card like me and deserves to be judged in the light of civil society, since in the light of canon law many requirements are needed to break with the conservative corporatism that reigns within the Church. It is in the light of all this confusion that no one understands how a father can trust and authorize that a son or daughter be handed over to these gentlemen priests to teach them what sin is in catechism!

I reserve the right to even admit that the promised memorial’s mamarracho is, at the very least, inexpressive, so as not to leave remorse.

José Rebelo, Caparica

Ai Weiwei and the West

That the West, according to Ai Weiwei, has lost the capacity (indispensable to life) for suffering, this is what should make us think, all the more so as we belong to a civilizational space that exalts the Christian figure of the cross. This is not, however, a new diagnosis, as there have been many warnings regarding the growing intolerance to the slightest discomfort (resulting, to a large extent, from technical and pharmaceutical advances). When the announcement of doom, however, bears the stamp of the Other, its weight seems to be greater. As if he were a doctor of the civilizations that today face each other in the planetary arena, that is, China and ours, the Chinese artist (a dissident, though) only outlines a scenario that can only arouse the disquiet of those who read it.

We are left with the firm conviction that Weiwei himself recognizes, as director for one day of PÚBLICO, the objective impossibility of a native version (in full draft of the People’s Daily of the Communist Party) of his Portuguese experience. In this asymmetry, after all, lies the greatness of democracy.

Eurico de Carvalho, Vila do Conde


Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations. It is a pleasure to belong to the universe of PÚBLICO readers. The Sunday edition — not only that, but this one deserves an honorable mention — is of surprising quality. Reader and subscriber to some international newspapers, I can’t find a parallel. It is an honor, dear PUBLIC. Everyone is to be congratulated, quality presupposes a team and pears, if you’ll allow the expression. With my best regards, long live Journalism!

Maria Teresa Ruesch-Filipe


What has become known after a few ASAE inspections demonstrates that dishonesty exists in the food sector. Why was ASAE sleeping for so long? It was clear to everyone that something was going on, considering the amount of inflation and the increase in the food sector. Despite all this, ASAE was concerned with minor things. And now? At the moment and after everything that was known, justice has to be rigorous and tough with those who have been deceiving and “stealing” customers. The fines have to be severe and very high, otherwise crime continues to pay. Why not close for a few days large, medium or small stores that commit crimes like those that were made public a few days ago?

Manuel Morato Gomes, Lady of the Hour

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