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Why is nobody talking about bayingyis?

The Bayingyis are a minority ethnic group (about 650,000 people) from the Pegú Valley region, Rakine State, Burma. They are known for being Catholic, for their sausages, for their fair skin and for being proudly of Portuguese descent. Everyone talked about when there was the genocide of the Rohingyya, who also reside in the same state as Rakine. However, few know that another genocide is currently taking place in the region: precisely that of the Bayingyis, for the “crime” of being “foreigners” and of being fierce opponents of the Burmese military dictatorship. But about this, only CNN Portugal, Esquerda.net (site Left Bloc news station) and SBS (Australian radio and television channel).


When writer and researcher Joaquim Magalhães de Castro, whose work focuses on this community, raised the alarm, no one else listened to him. including the PUBLIC. Worse, those who paid attention to the Necessidades soon tried to say that the Portuguese descent of this community had no reason to exist. <_o3a_p>

Also due to our negligence, there was already a community that disappeared almost completely due to a genocide: it was the Luso-Cambodians at the hands of the Khmer Rouge The only Cambodian community that has completely disappeared from the map. Do we really want the 21st century to see another Portuguese community disappear without doing anything?


José Cristovao, Alapraia

COVER my eyes!

It’s already the second time I’ve heard that Fernando Medina is a tall man and once again managed to get out of a mess where he was involved. Therefore, there are two hypotheses, the minister knew about the indemnity and lies or the minister is incompetent and very little rigorous, which is terrible in the role he performs. There is no other option.

Try now to clean up your image and that of the Government by dismissing the president of TAP and the chairman it is yet another maneuver that this Government is getting used to, but which should not convince us. Otherwise, let’s see: I own a company that presents me with a proposal for approval, I accept and approve it, continuing with it, and, when it becomes public knowledge that the proposal was not a good choice, I dismiss the person who presented it to me. proposal and I emphasize how quickly I was able to do it and resolve the situation. The Government accepts and approves the dismissal and 500 thousand euros of compensation [a Alexandra Reis] and not one my fault! This is at least more of the same.

Joao Ribeiro, Carregado

The end of a generation

With the death, last week, of João Salgueiro and Galvão Teles, a generation of true senators practically ended. Most originated from the Liberal Wing or SEDES. This group of personalities of great intellectual caliber, full of dignity and with strong ethical principles, who provided relevant services to the country in the exercise of political functions, defenders of changes in the nation and of which almost no one remains. They were concerned with serving the country and not making politics a career, which contrasts with the current situation. Whatever happens, no one takes responsibility or draws consequences for an unethical policy on the part of the parties, where anything goes. When we remember that Jorge Coelho resigned immediately when the Castelo de Paiva bridge collapsed or António Vitorino left the Government because he forgot to declare a hovel he acquired in Alentejo as assets, we see how far we are today. These latest events about TAP reveal how they intend to rise within the party, regardless of the final result, which I have no doubt will once again result in a hefty bill for the taxpayer.

Antonio Barbosa, Porto

coercive lease

Much has been written about the coercive leasing enacted by the Government through the More Housing Program. How is it possible for António Costa not to make available for accommodation at a controlled price the hundreds of properties that the State has in a situation of abandonment? Instead of building housing complexes, Costa invests in private owners. How many chambers are betting on construction? How many social neighborhoods were built after the 25th of April? The capitalist policy of buying and selling real estate allows shark investors. It is against investment funds that the Government must legislate. After all, where is Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s famous promise to remove the homeless from the streets? Joseph Proudhon, one of the most important French political philosophers and economist, stated that private property is theft.

Ademar Costa, Povoa de Varzim


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