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episcopal ballet

More than half a century after the Ballet Rose case, a new scandal is once again tormenting Portuguese society, now involving members of the Catholic Church. And if, during the Estado Novo, the Church maintained its collaborative role with the regime, contributing to silence, as it proclaimed morals and good customs at all costs, it currently has difficulty in dealing with the truth and with the evolution of times . The tics of impunity remain, but the Ballet Rose has given way to the Episcopal Ballet, such is the lightness with which they have treated the abuse of around five thousand minors over the last few decades. A choreography of cover-ups, concealment, movements out of reality, leaps on children’s rights, positions that diminish victims, in a depressing show in the best “forgive me” style.

Emanuel Caetano, Ermesinde

From shelf to cash register

As if galloping inflation were not enough, the Portuguese have to keep their eyes wide open when they enter supermarkets to do the usual shopping. According to the inspection carried out by ASAE, it is a common practice for prices to change on shelves and registered at cash registers. This variance is always against the customer. Do you remember when a homeless person was caught trying to steal six chocolates from a supermarket in Porto? The case went to court, and a term of identity and residence was set for the disinherited! Are these price variations detected by ASAE less serious than the attempted theft of six chocolates? Isn’t a term of identity and residence fixed for the owner of the large surface area? After all, what country are we in?

Ademar Costa, Povoa de Varzim

stained church

Jesus Christ did not deserve the sinful stain that befell His temple, where His representatives, on Earth, stained Him with heinous crimes, perpetrated on innocent children, when Jesus himself proclaimed: “Let the little children come to me, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Such sinful executioners, excommunicated sexual predators, under the cover of the centuries-old Church of God, did not have the slightest carnal and canonical respect for such helpless victims. May such antichrists pass from defendants to defendants, in order to have the deserved punishment, earthly and divine.

Jose Amaral, Vila Nova de Gaia

The Abuses of Clerics

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church closed and turns a blind eye to abuses by clerics. The press conference of the high dignitaries of that belief brought us the unacceptable continues to not know, nor does it want to deal with what the Independent Commission for the study of sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church presented. What the bishops said there was insulting to Catholics and to non-religious people it was unspeakable. The wanton practiced on sexual intimacy in children had long been known to the hierarchy, which it silenced and concealed.

Bishops who covered up sexual abuse must never remain in the church. These senior officials, having a report and not giving it a follow-up and consequence, at the same time saying that zero tolerance is needed it is manifest hypocrisy. Homing up as champions of compassion but not paying compensation to victims is a blatant contradiction. The only decision to be made, known so far, is the making of a memorial to the victims… they don’t need monuments they demand concrete answers: psychological support by technicians who are not dependent on the church and who are compensated for the harm they have done to them in monetary compensation. The Church talks so much about love, practice it, satisfying the offended. What are you waiting for? The unimaginable psychological breach caused cannot wait.

Vitor Colaço Santos, Sao Joao das Lampas


Corrective and sanctioning measures are aimed at rehabilitating or punishing offenders and at persuasion or dissuasion to avoid similar situations. Prevention and pedagogy have also been resources used, although their effectiveness is difficult to prove. Suspended sentences are a form of tolerance and the granting of opportunity for regeneration. Which of these “penances” are reserved for the situations of the Church’s identified cases? Apparently none! If individual and collective shame works like any of them, the case is settled and holy office will take care of the consequences. However, and before the wait is too long, I suggest that you investigate the true origin of the problem and eradicate it from there. Has anyone tried? Make one reset or one update maybe it helps.

José M. Carvalho, Chaves

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