The Lidom is also played on social networks, there the Licey maintains a comfortable dominance with the rest of the teams and the league itself in number of followers, so much so that not even the stretch that usually accompanies the champion caused important movement in the needle .

With the Águilas Cibaeñas, the pattern of percentage and total increase in followers was repeated in the four main networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) driven by the national title number 22 and fourth Caribbean Series.

The guinea pigs added a total of 120,242 accounts between followers and subscriptions in the last 12 months, more than double that of the Tigres, according to the annual survey carried out by Diario Libre since 2018. Instagram was the platform that contributed the most to the cibaeños with 71,392 accounts and its channel on YouTube rose by 13,510 subscribers to reach 17,800, in both cases, more than the rest of the circuit.

It was a total increase of 16% and now 846,631 accounts follow the yellow team. The Blues, despite being the first team eliminated in the shortened campaign, added 52,640 followers (+ 3%) and watch the rest from the top of the tower with 1,829,469.

In a market that shows no signs of reaching its ceiling, both the six teams and the Lidom accounts have numbers in green. There was a favorable balance in 349,611 new accounts for the seven official players and there are already 4,464,585 users who follow the Dominican circuit through their official accounts.

Among the clubs, after the top championship winners comes the Chosen One, which added 23,342 to their sites and reaches 390,583. Then come the Bulls (+34,324) with 295,987; Stars (+24,325) for 216,415 and Giants (+30,434) with 183,558.

At a percentage level the best performance was achieved by the foals (+ 19%) and after them came the Eagles (+ 16%), bullfighting (+ 13%), elephants (+ 12%), red (+ 6%) and blue ( + 3%).

Lidom saw its following grow to 64,304 and now has 701,942 accounts with their eyes on it. A 10% jump compared to 2020.

By networks

Facebook has lost its throne as the network where more users follow the league and has done so from another platform of its property.

Instagram added 191,012 users last year and there are already 1,656,053. Thus, he left behind the prolonged dominance of his parent company (FB), which closed with a positive balance of 58,892 to 1,541,832.

Following them is Twitter, with 63,038 more followers and now there are 1,147,110. YouTube grew by 37,269 subscribers to reach 119,590.


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