Licey starts the sale of its season tickets for the 2021-22 season

There is still no definite schedule for the next fall-winter baseball season for Dominican baseball, nor is it known how many fans will be able to attend the stadiums per game, but the Tigres del Licey started the sale of their season tickets on Thursday, offering discounts ranging from five to 15 percent, depending on the date the 20-game home packages are purchased.

The tickets of the preference tickets will cost RD $ 7,600 (RD $ 380 per game), the boxes AA, RD $ 12,000 (RD $ 600 per game), the boxes A, RD $ 17,600 (RD $ 880 per game) and the corporate boxes RD $ 30,000 (RD $ 1,500) per game.

The ticket office of the blue set indicated that if the tickets are purchased between June and July they will have a 15 percent discount in each category.

If they are purchased in August, the discount will be 10 percent and, in September, five percent.

Same prices for the 2019-20 season

The prices announced by the Licey are the same as those offered to the public in the 2019-20 season, the last that was played with the presence of fans prior to the pandemic of COVID-19.

At that time, selling 25 games at home and not 20 like this time, the prices were as follows: the base price of Boxes A was RD $ 22,000 (RD $ 880 per game).

Tickets to AA boxes cost RD $ 15,000 (RD $ 600 per game).

Preference payments cost RD $ 9,500, with tickets per game at RD $ 380.

The Licey did not announce prices for the seats known as expansion boxes, nor in sections A, AA, B or C.

The Dominican winter baseball tournament is scheduled to begin on October 27 and will feature a reduction from 50 to 40 games for the regular season phase.

Limitations for COVID-19

The president of the Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic, Vitelio Mejía said a few weeks ago that he anticipated that for the month of October, he expected that the different stadiums of the country could receive around 60 percent of the established capacity, as measured related to the pandemic.

However, the Licey makes a clarification to its fans that they intend to purchase season tickets.

“The fertilizers will be subject to the provisions established by the authorities in this regard. In the event that by any provision of the authorities you are prevented from using your seats, you will have the power to request a full refund of the amount paid if said impediment is before the start of the season. If the season starts, the amount equivalent to the remaining matches will be reimbursed, ”they said in the statement to subscribers.

And they added: “In case the capacity of the seating areas is restricted by the authorities, their seats could be located elsewhere.”

Subscription reservation is until August

For subscribers of previous seasons there is an established date for the reservation of seats, stipulated in the message that reached this group of fans.

“Subscription reservations will only be kept until August 31, after that date we do not guarantee the availability of your seats.”


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