Lidl is still making the buzz with this Christmas accessory (PHOTO)

In 2020, the German brand Lidl created the buzz by releasing a series of accessories from its own brand. Everyone has in mind these sneakers, socks or the famous slides in the colors of the brand. Some would say that it is difficult to make more kitsch, but the success was clearly there since some products disappeared from the shelves in a few hours.

A successful bet that did not cost a lot at the start! Finally, for Lidl! Because the phenomenon has grown over the months, to such an extent that wearing Lidl, or at least owning an item, has become a luxury for which some are willing to pay dearly. Since the sneakers are no longer available on the webshop or in stores, some have sniffed at the right thing by selling them on the Internet. For a pair of shoes initially sold at 12.99 euros, the second-hand price climbs to several hundred euros! We even found an offer for 1,000 euros. For tap dancing, some models sell for more than 50 euros. Even pairs of socks sell for more than 20 or 30 euros on sites like eBay, in particular.

And for the holidays, why not give it another go? This time, Lidl is releasing a collection of Christmas sweaters! Always so kitsch, and always with a buzz to the key. For fans of these items all in yellow and blue (supporters of the Union Saint-gilloise?), It should not be long since they are on sale online since November 24! They are priced at 8.99 euros, with two models available and sizes ranging from XS to L for female models and XS to XL for men.

In addition, Lidl also offers other Christmas sweaters at low prices, and more classic. For ten euros, you can find an adult size sweater, without having to dress in yellow and blue. What to parade in the office, or in his living room, during the international day of the Christmas sweater, scheduled for December 17.

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