Lieutenant denounced the Army Intelligence chief for rape 4 years ago and nothing has happened

A young Army lieutenant who denounced the Army Intelligence chief for sexual abuse 4 years ago, demands justice.

This is Jeymi Liseth, who assures that after the events she had to leave the institution, while the case against her alleged abuser, General Mario González Lamprea, has been archived and ignored by the Colombian justice system.

What does the ex-Army uniform say?

In conversation with W Radio, the woman gave some details of the complaint: “I told him I had four tattoos and he asked me where I had them. Then he showed me two that he had, stood up, and closed the door. He told me to show him the tattoo, he stood me up and tried to look under my dress (…) he unzipped my back and began to forcefully kiss me, ”Muñoz said about the circumstances of the events.

The lieutenant added: “They constantly changed my position, not because I was a bad worker but because I was a woman. I understand that street work is complicated because one always has to face the enemy (…) they told my boyfriend to convince me to withdraw the complaint from the colonel because his promotion was being affected, and that they could help us to both”.

For her part, the woman also indicated that although her case happened almost four years ago, the complaint has been silenced, the internal disciplinary investigation has not been effective and, instead, the complainant had to withdraw from the army.

In addition, according to the aforementioned media, there are indications that intelligence men have interfered with the investigation and, according to Lieutenant Muñoz, even the prosecutor in charge of the case advised her not to report such a powerful man.

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