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On social media, the actress Lilia Cabral made a point of commenting on the tragic accident that happened in Capitólio, Minas Gerais last Sunday (09). According to the contractor TV Globo, the disaster is something that made her deeply sad.

“There are things that you don’t know where to start and what to think about. A rock to fall in the exact spot where tourists were enjoying their first days of the year, is of an unimaginable sadness”, she began.

outraged, she revealed that the world is ‘broken’; “The everyday surprises of tragedies, which are happening in Brazil and in the world, are not simply because ‘it can happen’, ‘nobody is free’ and other common phrases that we always hear. But the world is very spoiled, Brazil walks along. When I saw it on TV, the image did not leave my head”, he pointed out.

With an open heart, the famous demonstrated support for the families of the victims involved in the accident. “The families who are experiencing this tragic impact, my deepest feelings. Families who lost everything because of the rain, let’s keep helping. These times are not easy and there is no point in denying it”, he argued.


In recent months, Lilia Cabral has participated in the Meeting and commented on the death of Tarcísio Meira. On the occasion, she was moved live and said that the actor marked her life with memorable works.

“When you die young, you immediately think of a tragedy, now when you have a long life span, we know that’s the story. There will be a moment when she will find out. But when that happens, it’s hard to believe. Because great actors in the history of television, you think that it is eternal, that it will stay. It is really hard. It’s not accepting, it’s receiving news that hurts,” he said.


In conversation with the newspaper EXTRA, Lilia commented on feelings during the pandemic. According to her, the feeling of anguish was constant, in addition to fear and insecurity.

“A anguish. We are left with a question mark, not knowing the future. And the very great fear of a disease from which you may or may not be saved. The pandemic was a setback in our lives. We went to meet what we never imagined, and, at the same time, there was a need to reinvent ourselves to survive. Maturity helps to understand situations better, but it doesn’t mean that they distress us less”, he argued.

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