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Since September 2020, the Colombian Lina Cruz, resident in Mexico, He would have begun to have contact with Jason Monroe Smith, and from January 2021 he would begin his ordeal as a victim of the kidnapping of this man, accused of serious crimes.

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Lina, like the previous victims of Monroe, ended up living with him, surely (according to his relatives in Colombia) without knowing the secrets that he was hiding and that he was really a criminal, who now He kidnapped her and would keep her kidnapped.

On May 6, 2019, Monroe was captured by the Scottdale, Arizona Police, after being reported by a woman who was abducted in the basement of her home, on 94th Street and Thunderbird Road.

The victim reported in court that she met Monroe through a dating app and they got together several times, in which he told her that he liked sadomasochism, which she did not think was bad, at that time, because she thought that everything was similar to the movie 50 Shades of Gray.

Monroe convinced her to go live with him, but made her promise that she would not work and, therefore, could not have money while living with him, because he would give her everything she needed, since her economic condition was favorable.

She went to live with the kidnapper and that’s when she came across reality. After taking her money and leaving her vulnerable, Monroe asked her to sign a document like the one in the movie, authorizing her to be his “sex slave.” She resisted, but he threatened to throw her out without anything and signed, although the document did not really have any real validity at the end.

After that signature, the victim’s ordeal began, which the Colombian Lina Cruz would be suffering.

Monroe put an electric necklace on the woman and locked her in a cage in his basement, which was a kind of replica of the one that the protagonist of 50 Shades of Gray had. The room, as described by the victim, was a dungeon with hundreds of sexual and torture objects.

For two months she was locked up in that place, where Monroe frequently abused, beat and tortured her. The Court was even able to verify that the woman suffered several fractures from the blows and was also electrocuted on multiple occasions.

Thanks to a citizen complaint, the Police arrived at Jason Monroe’s home and managed to free the woman and provide her with medical and psychological care. They also captured Monroe and brought him to trial, a lawsuit that made headlines in local Scottdale newspapers.

At the hearings, several neighbors testified against Monroe, saying they heard his victim’s screams. An audio of the victim was also presented when she was tortured by Monroe and prosecutors in the case showed that he had had a history of abuse, torture and kidnapping in the late 1990s.

Jason Monroe Smith was charged with kidnapping and aggravated battery in which a victim is tied up or restrained. He was given a $ 250,000 bond, which he paid immediately. He had since disappeared from the United States and went to Mexico, despite being ordered to wear an ankle monitor after being released on bail.

Now, Lina Cruz would be the new victim of Monroe, who has been moving her through various states of Mexico, the last time in Playa del Carmen, a very touristy sector of the Riviera Maya, in the state of Quintana Roo.

“This man is a criminal who, knowing about my sister’s illness, would have already taken her to a hospital, not having it as if it were his property or his partner, because it is not like that, my sister is not aware of things,” concludes Paula .

The Cruz family, in Colombia, is seeking support from national and Mexican authorities to find the whereabouts of Monroe, who has been kidnapping Lina for more than a year.


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