Much has been said in recent days about Lina Tejeiro’s birthday party, which took place last weekend and had as one of the most striking moments the kiss that the actress gave with ‘Epa Colombia’. As the days go by, more details are known about what happened at the celebration, such as who was the famous person who gave the most expensive gift of the party and how Luisa Fernanda W did not suffer the effects of alcohol.

Now it was Aída Victoria Merlano who revealed another episode of Tejeiro’s birthday celebration. The coast wanted to interact with her followers on Instagram and enabled the question box for users to tell her what they wanted to see from the party.

One of the followers told Merlano that he wanted to see the kisses, To which the ‘influencer’ responded by confessing that she and Tejeiro also kissed, as did the actress and ‘Epa Colombia’. Most striking of all is that Lina does not even remember that moment and was stunned when Aída Victoria told her what happened.

Merlano was with the actress when she publicly referred to the issue and, laughing, asked her: “You do not remember?”. Tejeiro answered no, while laughing several times at how funny the revelation seemed to him. “I’m an abuser,” Aida joked. Before that, Lina added: “You abused me, my innocence and my drunkenness.”

The ‘influencer’ did not stop the issue there and recorded another story on Instagram showing Tejeiro’s reaction after they told her that they kissed. The actress was still surprised and said: “It can’t be, I’m learning about things that I didn’t know I had done.”

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In the stories he shared on the subject, Merlano put a photo of the moment he kissed Tejeiro. This is the image:


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