Liniers: a gang that sold stolen cell phones fell

After several raids, The Federal Police broke up a gang dedicated to selling stolen cell phones and 11 people were arrested. The band operated in a gallery in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Liniers.

Video | Liniers: a gang that sold stolen cell phones fell

The investigation was led by agents of the Federal Special Investigations Unit Department, who by court order raided telephone sales premises located on Ramón Falcón, Rivadavia and General Paz streets.

At the request of Federal Court No. 4 in charge of Judge Ariel Lijo, the police seized about 1000 cell phones (36 of them reported for theft), 40 doses of cocaine, 194 cell phone modules, eight CPUs, 38 Tablets and 140 cell phone chips.

Héctor Polino: “Prices will depend on the degree of compliance with legal regulations”

In the businesses, devices were also found used for unlocking, reconditioning and putting into operation of stolen cell phones.

The detainees – five Peruvian citizens, four Argentines and two Bolivians – were now at the disposal of the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 4. The detainees and the kidnapped elements were at the disposal of the Interventor Court.

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