Building was totally destroyed after protesters entered and left messages on the walls against the president

A group of protesters from the movement called Via Campesina Brasil, which brings together landless rural workers and small and medium farmers, invaded and spray-painted the building where Aprosoja (Association of Soybean Producers of Brazil), Abramilho (Brazilian Association of Maize Producers) and Abrass (Brazilian Association of Soybean Producers) are located in Brasília, this Thursday, 14 .

According to videos circulating on social networks, the invaders entered by force with tools to cut metal and sprayed graffiti messages against President Jair Bolsonaro and agribusiness. Protesters wrote sentences like “out of Bolsonaro”, “soy doesn’t fill a plate” and “soy is death”.

Via Campesina is an organization that brings together various entities, including the MST (Movement of Landless Rural Workers) and MAB (Movement of People Affected by Dams) and associations of fishermen and quilombolas, among others. The organization assumed responsibility for the invasion, which is part of the “National Journey for Food Sovereignty: Against Agribusiness for Brazil not to Go Hunger”, which is scheduled for this Saturday, 16, throughout the country.

In a video, the president of Aprosoja-MG, Fábio Salles Meirelles Filho, says he witnessed the attack by around 60 people and that the act was political. “Everything indicates that it is an aggression against the President of the Republic and not another issue, because the attack is direct on him”, he says, while showing the graffiti on the building’s internal walls, most of them against Bolsonaro.

According to Meirelles, the protesters acted quickly and fled. “There is no provision for anything. Nobody was arrested. The police are here just taking pictures, fulfilling their technical function”, he says.

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