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Lima, October 14, 2021Updated on 10/14/2021 02:39 pm

The professional-oriented social network LinkedIn announced on Thursday the upcoming closure of its portal in China, due to “operational difficulties and requirements” imposed by the Government of the Chinese Communist Party, in direct allusion to censorship.

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LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, was until now the only large Western social network that continued to operate in the Asian giant, where Facebook (owner of Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger) and Twitter have been banned since 2009, and from where Google left in 2010 also for government censorship.

“We are facing a significantly more difficult operating environment and higher compliance requirements in China,” indicated from the social network for the world of the company in their corporate blog.

Last March, the Chinese communist government gave the platform 30 days of margin to increase the regulation of its content, as reported on Thursday by The Wall Street Journal, which was followed by several notifications by the social network to users whose profiles became blocked.

These users include human rights activists, academics, and journalists who shared content prohibited by the Communist Party.

LinkedIn launched a “localized” version of its platform in China In 2014, it was already adhering to government censorship in that country, but the tightening of the requirements in recent months has made those responsible for the social network change their minds.

“Although we have been successful in helping Chinese users find jobs and economic opportunities, we have not achieved the same success in the more social aspects of sharing content and staying informed.”, lamented from the application owned by Microsoft.

Although no specific date was given for the closing of LinkedIn on ChinaIt was specified that this will be before the end of the year.

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