Lionel Messi, booked at PSG vs Bruges.

His reaction was a reflection of what Pochettino’s team has been throughout the duel between PSG vs Bruges for the Champions League. A reflection of a team that, no matter how many stars they lined up from the start, has not known how to be a team and was even surpassed by a Belgian side that had more chances. Lionel Messi he was booked for being late to a split action.

Leo received a pass in the middle of the field, but could not control the ball, which went long, and there he appeared to recover it for Brujas Rits. The one of the Belgian team ‘stung’ the ball to Leo, who arrived late and left his foot. Missing that the judge decided to sanction it with a yellow card for the Argentine.

Lionel Messi, booked at PSG vs Bruges.

PSG vs Bruges: the preview of the match

Bruges is the scene of the day that much of the football world has been waiting for since Lionel Messi arrived in Paris in August: the match on the Argentine’s court with the other two great stars of PSG, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé.

Despite having a more than powerful team on offense, Mauricio Pochettino does not think they are the favorites. “We are a club that has recruited many players this summer, but we are not yet a team. We still have to become a team like Chelsea did last year, which should be the favorite for the title because it is the current champion and because of the way they have strengthened, ”the Rosario coach warned at a press conference.

Managing that additional pressure will be the great challenge for Pochettino, who no longer has a margin of error after losing the championship against Lille and falling in the semi-finals of the ‘Champions’ against Manchester City, with whom he will meet again in the group A completed by the German RB Leipzig.

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