Lionel Messi spoke of Barcelona and there is talk of a return

A topic that is often talked about a lot is the possible return of Lionel Messi al Barcelona; However, this sounds complicated and now the soccer player of the PSG He has in mind to achieve success and decided to talk about what Barcelona was and his path where he is currently concentrated, despite the arrival of his great friend Xavi Hernandez.

The selected one from Argentina He said that the Blaugrana team with the Spanish will have a good performance, obviously it will require time for reconstruction, but it is a good choice.

“With him, the team is going to grow a lot. I have no doubt, “he commented on the incorporation of Xavi Hernandez. However, he also closed the issue of Barcelona and the.

“That’s it, I left there and time has passed. What they told me is that they couldn’t renew me and that I couldn’t stay. You don’t have to look for more culprits or see what happened. I’ll stick with what they told me and that’s it, “he said. Lionel Messi in an interview with Marca.

About him PSG, the Argentine ’10’ commented that they are expected to achieve their successes, that is, the Champions. Lio, sees the Paris team as one of the great favorites to win the orejona, but assured that something is missing so that it can be considered one of the great teams.

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“Everyone says that we are the big favorites and I will not deny that we are one of the candidates by name, but we still need things to be a really strong team. We have to finish consolidating as a team and we have the advantage of having very great players to achieve it ”.

Regarding the issue of the possible march of Kylian Mbappé al Real Madrid, Lionel Messi preferred not to get into that issue and said that only the French player has in mind what he is going to do.

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