Lipso Nava and Félix Carvallo the new incorporations of the Caracas Lions

On the fifth day of practice for what will be the start of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP), the team of Caracas Lions continues to receive important additions.

For practices on Tuesday, important pieces joined the team for what will be the start of the winter ball season in Venezuela.

Lipso Nava joined as bench coach, Juan Muñoz will be the first base coach and left-handed pitcher Félix Carvallo.

Manager José Alguacil and Lipso Nava know each other well, as they both belong to the San Francisco Giants organization and come together to work together with the long-haired. Nava has experience in the Venezuelan ball proven in the 2016-2017 season when he was champion with the Águilas del Zulia.

The Lions bench coach, thanked for the opportunity offered by the Lions organization, is willing to do his best to bring this team back to the top of Venezuelan baseball.

For his part, the left-handed pitcher Felix Carvallo expressed that he is coming off a good season with the Caracas Senators where he was champion, his focus has been on working his pitches against left-handed hitters and that he feels happy with his progress.

His performance against right-handed hitters?

The left-hander indicated that he feels like against right-handed hitters, although in the Venezuelan League they use left-handers against left-handers, but thanks to his development against right-handed hitters the team has the opportunity to use him more.

How has Carvallo been doing in the LVBP?

In seven seasons in the LVBP, he has played 79 games, running 52 innings, allowing 63 hits, striking out 30 batters and allowing only four home runs for a 2.94 ERA.

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