Lisbon Chamber launches tender for requalification of Martim Moniz | urbanism

The Lisbon City Council (CML) announced this Tuesday that it had launched an international tender for the requalification of Praça do Martin Moniz, in downtown Lisbon. The procedure for initiating the tender has already been published in Republic Diary and elements are already available on the acinGov platform that allow all interested parties to know the details of the proposals to be presented.

As revealed in a statement by those responsible for the municipality, the proposals must be submitted by May 26, when the legal deadline defined in the tender ends. During the month of April, all interested parties may request clarification of questions about the tender.

The jury of the tender procedure, “which includes specialists in architecture, landscape architecture and civil engineering”, will be “responsible for selecting the winning project, which will be developed and implemented through a contract for the provision of services by direct agreement”.

The base price for the requalification project is 462 thousand euros (plus VAT) and “this total already includes the value corresponding to the prize awarded to the proposal classified in first place”. “Monetary prizes will also be awarded to the five best proposals, with a global value of 109 thousand euros: 30 thousand euros for the proposal that comes in first place, 25 thousand euros for the second place and 18 thousand euros to each of the proposals that are between third and fifth place”.

Honorable mentions without monetary prize may also be attributed to other projects.

In July the results will be published and between July and September the proposals will be exposed and the winning project will be presented.

The competition “aims at selecting a project that responds to the needs of the population, previously identified in the participatory process”.

The proposals, according to the CML, “must meet essential criteria: increase in green areas; improvement of urban experiences; promotion of diversity of activities; improvement of road traffic; noise reduction; promotion of pedestrian accessibility; increased security; rehabilitation of the building”.

The tender’s terms of reference were approved on the 16th of November last year at a CML meeting.

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