"Listen, I have Covid": the new type of scam with which they wanted to steal money from a retiree

A young man was prosecuted with preventive detention for having tried to rob him to a retiree 33 thousand dollars that he had in the bank. The modality of fraud consisted of impersonate your woman’s son, who did you tell had infected with coronavirus and that he needed the money to buy medicine. The real son of the retiree discovered the deception and alerted the police.

The accused, identified as Mariano Benjamín Acuña age 22, was charged by the National Criminal and Correctional Court 33. According to judicial sources, the young man had regained his freedom in 2020 for another crime and was awaiting trial.

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How was the attempt at a new “uncle’s story”

Around noon on Friday, an 89-year-old woman received a call saying, “Hi Mom, I’m your son. Listen to me, I have Covid. I feel very bad, I have a fever, I need money. I wanted to tell you, in addition, there is a risk with the money we have in the bank. In a while a friend will go to get the money, I ask you to inform me of the serial numbers of the bill … “.

The victim took $ 3,000, put it in an envelope, and asked her caregiver to deliver it to her son’s supposed friend.

Once the envelope was delivered, the woman told the scammer that she was still online and asked: “What do we do with the money in the safe? “

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At that moment, Acuña asked for his cell phone number and indicated that her friend would take her to the bank to look for the money. The retiree got out of her apartment and got into a Ford Ka car right there, where a young man was holding her waiting. On board the vehicle, both went to a branch of the French Bank, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores.

There, the victim withdrew $ 30,000 from the safe.

How they arrested the scammer

The son started calling the woman’s house, but was unsuccessful. That is why he went to the home and it was at that moment that the caregiver told him what had happened.

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After calling 911The man went to the bank and together with the police officers saw the Ford Ka car at the branch door that began to flee at full speed along Rivadavia Avenue and took Lautaro Street.

Immediately there was a persecution to Membrillar and Bonifacio streets, where Acuña collided with a parked car and was arrested.

What the judge said and how the case continues

Judge Osvaldo Bonanno charged Mariano Acuña with the crime of “fraud in real competition with fraud in the degree of attempt” and seized for 900,000 pesos.

The accused, meanwhile, had been released under “royal bail” in 2020, while the case still awaits the date for the realization of the trial.

Bonanno expressed that the scammer will be in preventive detention because resides in the same neighborhood as the victim. “Being an older woman, whose address and surroundings are known, Acuña’s freedom may not only endanger the investigation of the truth, but would also represent an aggravation of the vulnerable situation in which the victim finds herself. and that of his son ”.

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