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After the introductory session in January 2021, the office of Christine Mussche and An-Sofie Raes was contacted by three other ladies who told similar stories about their contacts with Bart De Pauw. The ladies have always said that they did not want to be a civil party or feel disadvantaged, but they wanted to tell their story as testimony to support and reinforce the stories of the other ladies in the file.

The three ladies remain anonymous. They describe how they were approached and how they experienced everything. The first woman was someone De Pauw knew from the television program “De Mol”. The woman testified about amorous advances, but admits that she was initially charmed by the first text messages he sent her. “He made her mad and confused with his messages,” says Master Raes. “She also knew that another De Mol participant received similar messages, she had addressed it to him and later, as the fourth woman, talked about it with the confidential adviser of the VRT.”

The second woman to testify anonymously referred to a single incident. During a dinner where her husband was also present, De Pauw sent her a secret message under the table. She immediately spoke to him about it, after which the messages stopped.

The third woman got messages out of nowhere with songs, lyrics and info about music bands. She didn’t know who the sender was. But a few weeks later, De Pauw spoke to her about it, so that she understood that he was the sender of the messages. “He kept hinting about a relationship, even though he knew that lady was in a relationship,” says Raes. “This lady has not suffered any emotional damage, but does indicate that she noticed that there were difficulties in their professional relationship afterwards. was the cause of it.”

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