Livian Aragon

Livian Aragon, daughter of Renato Aragon, stole the show by sharing a new video on his Instagram. In the registry, the young she appears doing a little dance by the pool, showing off her waddling and also her curly tummy.

At the time, the actress was wearing a printed top and jean shorts while dancing to the sound of the song Nuestra Canción, by the group Monsieur Periné with Vicente García. “Good Morning! This song doesn’t leave my head and I hope it stays in yours too kkkkkk”, wrote Lívian in the video caption.

In the comments, Didi’s daughter was quickly surrounded by much affectionate praise from fans and admirers.. “Beautiful and very nice!” wrote a follower. “So beautiful and powerful”, praised another netizen. “You are very talented”, declared another fan of the young woman. Check out the video:

Lívian Aragão talks about acting career

Recently, Livian Aragon gave an interview to journalist Bia Rohen, from the magazine Who, Where commented on the decision to pursue an acting career. Currently, she is divided between Brazil and the United States, where she studies.

“I’ve been focused on studying cinema and I’m writing a lot, but always improving my acting”, she stated. “As we are in a pandemic, audiovisual work is more complicated due to Covid-19’s security protocol. But I’m always negotiating for some work on soap operas, movies, etc. I’m dying to work”, confessed the young woman.

Asked what is your favorite genre, Renato Aragão’s daughter emphasizes that she is open to all possibilities.

“I believe that, as an actor or an actress, you should know how to act in all genres; be it comedy, drama etc. So maybe I’ll do something more comedy-oriented, or some more serious drama. It all depends on the future work, but I am always open to new possibilities”, he stated.


In the same interview, Lívian Aragão also commented that she would accept to participate in the BBB. According to the actress, being “cancelled” would not be a reason for her to worry.

“Participating in the BBB would be a big watershed, because a lot of people think or assume things about me that are fictitious. And not for bad. But as I’ve been known since I was born, people end up confusing who I am with what they say about me. It would be really cool to be able to show my personality and who I really am, besides, it would be a huge challenge for me as a person”, said the actress.

“Being a fan of the show, I know it’s no use thinking about doing ‘this’ or ‘that’. It’s very difficult for someone not to be ‘canceled’ at some point, even if it’s unintentionally. I think it’s inevitable. But knowing myself, I know that I would be very fair with the events and always very honest with people, as I always was”, added the famous.

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