Lobolsonaro does not fit in lambskin - 10/14/2021 - Ricardo Melo

There is something very wrong in Brazil today. On paper, we are in a presidential democracy. It would be up to the Executive to fulfill the will of the people. Improve the living conditions of the majority.

In the country we live in, the opposite happens. All the bad news comes from the Planalto gang and the gang of fanatics who support it. The list is endless and it renews itself every day.

Needless to say, the ongoing sabotage in the fight against the pandemic. Informality at work reaches record levels, although it is cataloged as employment growth.

The number of favelados is growing non-stop. Only 17% of the municipalities have half of the children cared for in day care centers. The granting of sanitary pads to young people was cut off (there is now such a scandalous retreat…).

Inflation runs rampant, as do hunger and unemployment. The attempt to sell oil reserves in environmental areas at a bargain price was a fiasco — 5% of the total offered! The funds for Science and Technology were cut from R$ 600 million to a measly R$ 80 million. These are just a few examples taken from recent news.

The illusion was created in sheltered sectors of the official media that JMB (so-called Bolsonaro) would have been tamed after the coup assumed on 7 September. The letter written by another coup plotter, Michel Temer, and signed by him would be a mea culpa of authoritarian excesses.

Pocketminions are enough for idiots. Does anyone other than them and columnists for hire believe that JMB can “regenerate”?

JMB is immune to any civilizing ideas. Your only goal is to save yourself and your family from the scaffold.

If he lowers the tone of voice and the volume of threats, it is because he is trying to escape the mountain of processes that weigh on him and his troupe. But the nature, education, support base and trajectory always speak louder.

Right now, the biggest battle of the expelled army captain is to shape the institutions of the judiciary and the police according to his interests. Recently, he changed the PF delegate responsible for the investigation of Flavio Bolsonaro, the chap who turned chocolates into cash and extorted officials paid with public money.

Now JMB wants because he wants to appoint one more judicial illiterate to the STF. He has already got one, Kássio Nunes, whose votes are certainly written in the darkness of the Planalto. Now he intends to get André Mendonça, a notorious executioner of the freedoms in the positions he occupied.

The fact is that one of the highest powers of the Republic, the Executive, is handed over to a mob of bandits.

In addition to JMB, his right-hand man, Paulo Guedes, is a second-tier speculator who gives interviews in English (!) to unravel his fortune abroad. At the same time, he gives a banana to Congress, which summoned him to explain.

The Minister of Health is a charlatan in bad manners. From Education, you don’t even hear about it.

The Science and Technology one is a poster boy for pillows who traveled around the Earth, saw that it is not flat (if he was awake…) and remains in a government that thinks the Earth is not round and grants him some exchanged to hold office.

It’s not even necessary to talk about the others, if anyone knows who they are.

To keep breathing, JMB gave his soul to that center. A bunch of profiteers who, after being elected, only think about the next election. The price is getting higher. To save the family, JMB is willing to pay. He even set up a parallel Budget, his fiscal motorcycle.

The right is aware that he is out of the deck in 2022. Even if he multiplies the fake news fraud scheme and sponsors the death of 600 thousand more.

The imbroglio is in knowing who to put in place. Ciro Gomes would like to, but he does not inspire confidence even in the traitors of democracy that he is now wooing.

Free Journalists

On October 11, without warning, Mark Zuckerberg decided to take down the website of Jornalistas Livres, one of the largest social media platforms, on Instagram. More than 600 thousand subscribers and more than 1.3 million followers on Facebook. No explanation. Only cancellation.

The decision generated a wave of protests. No accident. JL is a platform made up of VOLUNTEER professionals and collaborators whose commitment is to the news, freedom of expression, the voice of the voiceless, democracy.

Many graduates of major official media vehicles or simply those who see the news in a different way.

Instagram backed off and apologized. JL’s Instagram is back on the air. It’s not all bad news in this world today. Long live JL.

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