Negatively outraged |

Don’t worry: on the last 24th before Christmas, we don’t remind you that it’s almost Christmas. First of all, in terms of Christmas preparations, there is a break anyway. Second, the early reminder that is often practiced here (e.g. on January 24th) occurs precisely for this reason: that one does not fall into arrears, with Christmas thoughts. Because something can always be messed up later. Now the bat virus.
You can still wish for something. That the lockdown really ends on December 12th, but the department store loudspeakers (“Last Christmas”) remain in lockdown. That the widespread education lockdown (corona conspiracy theories) will be ended. That the “Dancing Stars” go into a voluntary permanent lockdown (or end up there due to the exhausted reservoir of C and D celebrities). That Mr. Kickl will get well, but remain in speech lockdown. That we have the floor in 2022 Lockdown no longer have to / are not allowed to say anything. Only Christmas, monthly, on 24.

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