“Lockwood & Co.”: When is Season 2 of the Netflix series coming?

Is Lockwood & Co Season 2 Coming?

No new episodes have been ordered from Netflix yet. Here’s our take on the future of the fantasy series.

This speaks for an extension: As already mentioned, “Lockwood & Co.” based on the book series of the same name by Jonathan Stroud. This series consists of five books. Season 1 of the Netflix series is about the first two novels. So there would still be enough material that could be filmed in further seasons. If there is another season, it will probably be available on Netflix in spring/summer 2024.

This speaks against an extension: Netflix is ​​massacring its original series right now. One series after the other is discontinued by the streaming provider. Maybe “Lockwood & Co.” underneath.

By the way: Here is an overview of the series canceled by Netflix in 2023.

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