People kayaking.

The indicators for this last long weekend show a total hotel occupancy in the province of Chaco, especially in the impenetrable region, where the complex of tents that the Rewilding Argentina foundation installed in the place La Armonía, together with the Institute of Tourism of the Chaco at the entrance to the National Park, had an occupation of one hundred percent.

Visitors from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Corrientes and the Chaco They had the opportunity to carry out various recreational and cultural activities, such as kayaking on the Bermejito River, hiking trails, walks inside the park and enjoying the regional cuisine offered by the inhabitants of the area.

With regard to tourists who directly entered the El Impenetrable National Park, from the Intendancy of this organization reported that from Friday to Sunday, 48 visitors from different places entered the trails of this natural reserve.

The seaside resort of Villa Rio Bermejito was no exception. It reached its maximum level of hotel occupancy during the long weekend with the arrival of hundreds of visitors from Chaco and Formosa. Situation that was also reflected in the municipal campsite, where many people came to participate in recreational activities, such as sport fishing with return, offered by the property on the banks of the Bermejo River.

Visitors from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Corrientes and the Chaco had the opportunity to perform various recreational and cultural activities, such as kayaking on the Bermejito River. (Press /)

5th National Forum of Rural Tourism and Nature

Meanwhile, the presence of the Minister of Tourism of the Nation is expected, Matias Lammens, for the opening of the “5th National Forum of Rural Tourism and Nature”, which will be held this Thursday, October 14 under the slogan “Rural Experience, Innovation and Digital Transformation”, at the Hotel Gala Convention Center.

The face-to-face and virtual event is jointly organized by the Argentine Chamber of Medium Enterprises (CAME) and the Chaco Economic Federation. It will be sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation and the Government of the Province of Chaco; the accompaniment of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA); Chaco Boureau, and the Argentine Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism.

The objectives of this forum aim to generate ideas and promote business projects that allow linking regional production with trade and tourism. Generate attractive offers, from the memorable experience, that include typical gastronomy as an added value to tourist destinations.

Develop the tourism potential of the communities, promoting the sustainable development of destinations and the strengthening of their history, identity and regional economies. Provide technological tools for entrepreneurs to achieve a better positioning.

The different panels will present as topics of interest technology in rural tourism, planning and revaluation of rural towns, production and gastronomy with identity, the associative product in rural areas, the presentation of the observatorio CAME tourism and undertake nature tourism.

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