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The draw was held last night (12)

Photo: Getty Images - Representation of a lottery game.
© 2013 Getty Images, Getty Images North AmericaPhoto: Getty Images – Representation of a lottery game.

The draw for contest number 2261 of the lottomania, was held last night, and no one got the 20 numbers right. Because of this, the prize accumulated for the next draw, which will have a jackpot of approximately R$1.2 million. The numbers drawn were: 03-10-14-19-26-29-40-50-54-66-68-72-78-79-84-86-91-93-94-99.

Normally, when no one hits 20 tens, the biggest prize goes to whoever hits 19, however, no one hits either. But we had winners in other categories. 41 bets had 18 hits and took R$ 2,724.52 each; 408 bets matched 17 numbers and received BRL 273.78 each; – 2,644 bets placed 16 numbers and won R$38.05 each; and 12,436 bets scored 15 hits and pocketed R$8.98, according to information on the UOL website.

To participate in the next draw and compete for more than a million reais, it’s very simple, just buy a card where you bet on 50 numbers. Each game costs R$2.50, and can be played at lottery stores accredited by Caixa, or even on the bank’s special lottery website.

According to the UOL website, “The chance of taking the top prize, which requires 20 hits, is one in 11,372,635. In the 19-number range, the chance is one in 352,551. Missing nothing is as likely as hitting the 20 tens: a chance at 11,372,635.” It is worth remembering that the biggest prizes are intended for those who match 19 or 20 numbers, or even miss all the numbers.

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