Lou-Anne: GNTM winner wants an acting career

They walked the runway for New York Fashion Week in 2022. A big dream for numerous models. How was that for you?

Lou-Anne: I loved it. It was my first time in New York and then I got to walk for a great designer. I’m working towards being able to run there more often.

Is there a modeling job that you still want to get hold of?

Lou-Anne: There’s no specific modeling job I’m working towards. My dream is to really break into different countries and that means modeling for many successful brands.

What did you learn about yourself during the time at “GNTM” and beyond?

Lou-Anne: Above all, I realized what it’s like to do something that gives you energy. I have realized which job is really the right one for me and that is modeling. No matter how tired I am, as soon as my job comes up, I’m back full and charged with energy. That’s what I think everyone should do in his or her job.

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