Alexandra Lamy celebrates her 50th birthday on October 14. Her minister cousin, her role in “Hélène Et Les Garçons”, what she thinks of her famous sister, her relationship to age, the men in her life … Secrets of the sparkling actress.

Alexandra Lamy celebrates its 50th anniversary on October 14. Prolific actress with sparkling eyes, unforgettable interpreter of Chouchou in A boy a girl, Audrey Lamy’s sister landed on our screens more than 25 years ago and is now one of the favorite actresses of the French. Difficult to remain indifferent to his charisma! But did you know that the actress was the cousin of a former minister, that she dreamed to breed goats and that she had played in the sequel to Helen And The Boys? Her relationship to age, her loves, her famous sister: secrets and crisp information about the artist who has recently turned fifty.

Alexandra Lamy is the cousin of a politician

It is well known that the actress is the sister of actress Audrey Lamy. But did you know that she was also the cousin of the politician Francois Lamy? This one is a former deputy of Essonne and was Minister of the City under Jean-Marc Ayrault.

Alexandra Lamy wanted to breed goats

As a child, Alexandra Lamy did not dream of rhinestones and sequins… but rather of the countryside and nature! “Alex wanted raising goats and leave later take care of lepers. She had a dog, a cat, she adored, animals, humans“, said a friend of the actress in Gala. Fate has decided otherwise…

She starred in AB sitcoms

But Alexandra Lamy fell in love with the theater and in 1995, the public discovered her for the first time on the small screen. She turns a advertisement by Patrice Leconte and even makes appearances on AB sitcoms. We see her in particular in the role of Sandra, for a few episodes from Beach Boys, but also in The Miracle of Love, sequel to the famous Helen And The Boys, where she plays a sportswoman totally crunches by José, the synth of the group.

Love with Thomas Jouannet

In the 90s, the young artist falls into the arms of the attractive actor Thomas Jouannet, with whom she becomes the mother of a daughter Chloé, now 23 years old and become an actress, like her parents. If the old lovebirds are today separated, they keep good terms. “Thomas is a great guy that I loved madly. Why hate him all at once? I don’t live in the past or in resentment“, she assured Paris Match.

Alexandra Lamy, “madly in love” with Jean Dujardin

In 1999, Alexandra Lamy became known to viewers by playing alongside Jean Dujardin in the series A boy a girl. The actors, as a couple on screen, finally fall in love with each other in the city. “When we finished ‘A guy, a girl’, we realized that we couldn’t separate. That’s why our love story started there. We spent four years together, every day, with this image of a couple. Yes, it was becoming natural. Then we built it all together, there was something that almost made sense. We were crazy in love from each other, obviously“, she had confided on C8. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2013.

Alexandra Lamy: what she thinks (really) of her sister

Between Audrey and Alexandra Lamy, no jealousy. The two sisters love each other madly! In Psychologies, the mother of Chloé Jouannet had delivered on her fusional relationship with his sister: “We are more than accomplices, we are extremely close, often I call her ‘my daughter … uh my sister’ (..) The fact is that when my sister was born, it was the best day of my life. She has become my living doll. Despite the age difference, I shared everything with her, and I could trust her: at 5, she didn’t say anything about the teenage bullshit that I was doing in hiding from our parents, nothing! (..) When she went to Paris, we didn’t let go“.

Alexandra Lamy: her relationship to age

Alexandra Lamy is not afraid of growing old. “Unlike some actresses, who hate to talk about their age, me, I do not care. We cannot fight against time. In 2021, being this age has nothing to do with being in my fifties at the time of my grandmother, who was a mamie“, she confided to TV 7 Days. “Today, a 50-year-old woman can be beautiful and desirable“, she added.

How she lives her celibacy

Several romances have marked her life, but the actress is now a heart to take and saw his celibacy with serenity. “Even though it’s stressful to see the field of suitors tightens, I took time to find myself, be sure to be again good with myself, solid, not in regret“, said the actress in Psychologies.

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