LP, the project of the singer Laura Pergolizzi Ruffo, has just released a new preview of his next album, which is entitled Churches. He recently released the video clip of «Angels», an unconventional pop song about love and the emotion of acknowledging the feeling.

About the video clip

The work was directed by Stephen «Norswrthy» Schofield, who has worked with Halsey, Pharrell and Taylor Swift before. On the concept behind, he revealed: «My inspiration for ‘Angels’ was simply: Let’s shoot LP in a nondescript setting, with black backdrops and curtains with minimal support, so that the focus is on her and her narration (the lyrics). We can add supplementary material – three red-haired Raphaelites or “Angels” – in a way that broadly reflects the themes embedded in the lyrics of LP«.


In the video clip we can see LP using a bow and arrow, who interacts with three people who look like the characters painted by Waterhouse, Dante Rossetti and William Hunt. The song is the fifth single from Churches, since so far the videos of «The One That You Love», «How Low Can You Go», «One Last Time», and «Goodbye».

Who is LP?

LP She is a singer who is recognized as gender neutral, and prefers that they do not use pronouns to address herself. He is part of the LGBTIQ + community and his music represents a love that goes beyond prototypes. He has five studio albums and three EPs, from which his hits are derived. «Girls Go Wild» and «Lost On You».

Besides his own project, he composes songs for other artists. For example, he wrote «Cheers (Drink To That)” for Rihanna; «Love Will Keep You Up All Night» for Backstreet Boys; «Change My Mind» for Celine Dion and «Beautiful People» for Christina Aguilera.

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