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Luana Piovani shows the result of facial harmonization in stories

Luana showed the result of the facial harmonization for the followers
© Reproduction / InstagramLuana showed the result of the facial harmonization for the followers

Luana Piovani is back to Brazil for one more season. The actress chose to live in Portugal and develop an artist’s career in the European country. During her stay, the blonde returned to internet discussion forums due to her controversial statements. In some of them, it involves the ex-husband Pedro Scooby, with whom he has three children: Dom, Liz and Ben.

However, one of the reasons for the ex-global’s return is due to a facial harmonization done in a clinic in the Rio de Janeiro. The influencer showed the result of the procedure on social media and spoke more about it. “I know you guys still can’t see it, but I’m already fully retread. Cheek, 15 years old, chin, contour, botoco, botoco, botoco. Today we didn’t do the little neck because we’re going to do another thing, and then we can’t do one thing by doing the other. And I’m going to do a little thing to whiten it, which is a pulsed light that will reduce these spots that I’m here “, he said in a sequence of stories.

Luana took the opportunity to comment on the criticism they receive due to beauty surgeries. “People say, ‘Oh facial harmonization‘. People say: you don’t do anything, right Luana? What I do is facial pairing. Facial pairing is you harmonizing your face. What we call facial harmonization is ‘it went wrong’. It’s a disharmonization. Because when you observe it is because there was no harmony”.

Lastly, Piovani praised the work of the doctor who took care of the changes in his face. “When you see the mouth open, the quail egg, and then the mouth pulls, and then there is a little bit of mucus coming out, you know? Or else it becomes Varginha’s ET. No, people! No! Facial matching is when you don’t notice. understand? People are using the term wrongly. Hashtag is the tip. Let’s keep it natural. You can’t be 45 and look 20, right guys? Look at the head! You have to keep your health too. Dr. André Braz, thank you my love!”, he concluded.

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