Lucas Lucco during participation in the Meeting;  singer has worked as an actor (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Lucas Lucco during participation in the Meeting; singer has worked as an actor (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Lucas Lucco has music as his main career, but he also works as an actor. Nonetheless, the singer lost some work in movies and series. The reason? The tattoos they have all over their bodies.

At the meeting this Friday (24), Lucas commented on the topic and said that he is always asked by people about tattoos. In all, he has around twenty drawings on his body and he said he doesn’t regret it.

“People sometimes ask me… Wow, why did you get this bunch of tattoos? The moment I saw it, I was like this [risos]. I love it, I don’t regret it at all, he stated.

Fátima Bernardes, then, questioned the musician when he will allow his son to get his first tattoo. At the moment, Luca has only six months to live.

The singer said he will wait for the heir to grow up and be aware of everything to decide if he will make the permanent design on the body. At this moment, he told a piece of advice that he would give to his son and delivered a curiosity about his acting career.

“My son, next, if daddy were you… I wouldn’t tattoo so much, because I wanted to get some movie and series roles at the time and I couldn’t, revealed. The countryman stated that he would need to pass a lot of ground if he were to play a character without tattoos.

In 2015, Lucas was hired by Globo and was in the cast of Malhação: Your Place in the World. In 2017, he participated in the soap opera of the six Sol Nascente.

Lucas Lucco celebrates body change

Recently, the singer celebrated on his social networks the removal of all the product applied to his face for facial harmonization.

“Oh, guys, how are you? She was responsible for taking that harmonization that I ended up not liking and we took 100% of the product we had. And now we’re only going to do some settings “, he said, showing a before and after face.

I started to recognize myself more, to like my appearance more it’s been a few months. So, for the people who ask, I’m very satisfied. As soon as we were able to remove all the product, I was able to come back with my normal expressions”, he continued.

I’m feeling so much better! Now I will keep only essential care. If you look in the mirror and feel good is priceless, right? So, don’t worry, ok? Yes, you can reverse a harmonization you didn’t like”, concluded Lucas Lucco.

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