Luciana Gimenez appears in a sexy bikini in Bahia

The good shape of the presenter Luciana Jimenez stole the show on social media. Always present on her official Instagram account, where she is followed by millions of people, the famous showed in one of her most recent publications a series of photos. in which she appears only in a bikini on Trancoso beach, in Bahia.

In the caption of the post, she celebrated the summer and even left a philosophical message. “Summer is a state of mind”, said the famous, who received thousands of likes in her post on the photo and video platform. In the comments box, friends and admirers were present with much praise for the muse. “How beautiful, Lou! We love these clicks using our bikini”, said the brand used by the famous.

Check out Luciana Gimenez’s photos on Instagram:

Gimenez vented

Luciana Gimenez doesn’t just live in “close”. Recently, the famous gave an interview to columnist Fábia Oliveira to talk about a controversy involving Jorge Kajuru. He made harsh criticisms and sexist statements when interviewed by Antonia Fontenelle’s YouTube channel.

I feel humiliated, belittled and ashamed of my children reading these untruths on social media. I think I’m at my limit. It is not today that I suffer attacks as a human being. I’ve been called stupid, gold digger and the most recent ones where my honor is once again questioned. Would every person who says this kind of thing want to hear someone call them or people in their family of the offenses they propagate?”, he vented.

went to court

Gimenez said he got tired of holding on to that kind of feeling. “I keep every tear and every bad feeling inside me. But enough now, I won’t allow anyone else to do this to me and if I can stop other women from going through this, even better. I want to bring information against psychological abusers”, complained Luciana, who also explained the reason for taking legal action against Kajuru.

I’ve reached my limit. I saw that my options were to succumb or fight for things to change and that’s what I decided to do.. I want to bring the matter to light, bring more information, listen to other women and be able to help, show that they are not alone. I’m just at the beginning of this new journey, no more pretending that it’s not me and that it doesn’t affect me”, he concluded.

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