Luciano - Reinaldo Canato/UOL - Reinaldo Canato/UOL

Luciano Camargo is Tiago Abravanel’s first guest in the second season of “Sai da Caixa”. The singer who followed a memorable career with Zezé Di Camargo, his brother, is now with a side project, in gospel music.

“Sai da Caixa” airs every Tuesday, at 11 am, on the channel UOL and will receive names from the music such as Pocah, Gustavo Miotto and Dilsinho, to come out of the box with songs outside their repertoires. The first season featured the participation of Supla, Pericles, Dudu Nobre among others.

The year was 89 and the brothers, sons of Francisco, sang their first song together, “Cara ou Coroa”. The song was released on the second disc, after accumulating over 2 million copies on the first. So many years in the sertanejo have accumulated successes and references.

I have many [mestres na música] that I can look and say ‘I learned a lot from this guy’. But in life, singing, as a family, I say: ‘when I grow up, I’ll be equal’, is Xororó. Luciano

Sai da Caixa: Tiago Abravanel welcomes Luciano Camargo in the second season of the show

Image: Reinaldo Canato/UOL

Friends & Friends

After the musical success “Amigos”, Zezé Di Camargo, Luciano, Chitãozinho, Xororó and Leonardo won the program “Amigos & Amigos” on TV Globo, where they received guests for conversations and musical partnerships.

And there, the bonds of friendship and admiration between country singers were strengthened. Luciano, then, revealed what he told Xororó on a certain occasion.

I saw him with little Sandy, they went there, both Sandy and Junior. I told him: ‘One day I want to have a family like yours’. Luciano

Luciano explained that he analyzed and noticed the way Xororó and Noely raised their children. In 2019, when “Amigos” got together for a tour and performance in Brazil, Luciano was surprised.

Luciano - Reinaldo Canato/UOL - Reinaldo Canato/UOL

Luciano Camargo and Tiago Abravanel sing together in the second season of ‘Sai da Caixa’

Image: Reinaldo Canato/UOL

I hugged him and said: “Do you remember that I said I wanted to have a family like yours?”, Xororó remembered and Luciano continued: “Well, I’m getting it”.

“You’ve already done it,” replied Xororó, who left Luciano even more surprised, when he said that he also admired him and how much he saw his growth.

He is a guy that I learned a lot, both in life and as a person. I had this opportunity. Luciano

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