Luis Jara Members of the Grill How many plastic surgeries does the national singer really have?

This Thursday the second episode of Grill Partners on Channel 13, an instance in which Pancho Saavedra, Jorge Zabaleta and Pedro Ruminot had the singer as a guest Luis Jara, who reached such a point of relaxation that he even confessed how many plastic surgeries he has had in his life.

The singer has been living in Miami for five months and said that he managed to make a life project, with his children and his wife, where they all agreed to move to this city and today they live happily starting a new life as a family.

Jara related to Grill Partners the hilarious anecdote that happened to him with a liposuction that was done on his double chin leaving his mouth crooked.

“I did the double chin. It was swollen as well as … I had to do Vertigo and commercials. I cut it like you, I had my time too. Channel 13, I sang what do I know. And suddenly they tell me that the people of this supermarket wanted to go to my house, to a meeting “he explained.

“And then they came and I go out like this [hace la mueca de la boca chueca], ‘How good they came, when are we going to do the commercial’. And he tells me ‘Lucho, you had a crooked mouth’. And I ‘Nooo, I don’t have a crooked mouth’. ‘And how do we do with this?’ [apunta su mentón] ‘Not what happens is that I have just had a double chin operation, but this is going to happen,’ “he continued.

The problem is that with this defect he had to record a commercial and the debut of the second season of the Canal 13 program Vertigo, at which point he asked not to be taken head-on, “Why or if not, you are going to notice this hue * and there I had to admit that indeed My mouth was crooked, my mouth was like that because they happened to carry a nerve.

In that same instance, between the pauses of the program, she received the jokes of Natalia Cuevas, among which one of them was a thunderous “What’s wrong, Popeye ?!”

Before that, the singer responded “no hue * Natalia is that I had a micro cerebral infarction and it is not possible to know”. But the one who unmasked him about the reality of things was Patricia Maldonado.

While at the Curicó Harvest, where the former Mucho Gusto was animating, Jara explained that Patricia is approaching -and imitates her- “‘I have to ask you a question. But I want you to tell me the truth.’ ‘Yes, Patricia, tell me.’ ‘What the hell is wrong with your mouth?’. ‘Patricia, the truth is that I had a micro cerebral infarction ‘.’ Noooooo he was coming to me with hue **, if I’m coming back. Voh, you got a double chin! Because I know a lot of operations on Raquel. ‘And he shit, I couldn’t lie to him “.

In addition, in the middle of this confession, he said that when his mother was interviewed by the textual harassment program, where Jara was as a guest, and revealed to the journalist that her son had operated on his double chin, a revelation that meant being on the cover of a newspaper the next day.

Luis Jara: How many operations has the singer had?

Within this context, the singer confessed that has undergone nine interventions, three of them were plastic surgeries.

“Does circumcision count?” The guest joked with laughter. “It depends on how much you have cut”, finished Jorge Zabaleta.

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