Lula and the PT moderate speech in support of dictatorships in the face of elections CubaNet

MADRID, Spain.- Former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the Workers’ Party (PT) will “moderate” the rhetoric that supports Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, recognizing that it is a responsibility in the Brazilian elections, he wrote in his count of Twitter journalist Brian Winter.

“But there is no current change in its position,” Winter added, referring to the article “PT must moderate discourse on allied dictatorships in Lula’s campaign to avoid damage,” published by the magazine Newspaper.

According to the text of Newspaper, The PT should moderate the discourse in support of left-wing authoritarian regimes in Latin America during this year’s presidential campaign, for which Lula da Silva is a candidate.

“The idea is to avoid attacks by the opposition, which in the campaign should explore the party’s links with ideologically aligned dictatorships, such as Venezuela and Cuba … The idea is that there should be no public condemnation of the allied governments, and the strategy will be to avoid the issue “Said the magazine.

The PT’s assessment is that this issue is not central to the elections, but it can be harmful when exploited by opponents, the publication adds.

Former Foreign Minister Celso Amorim, who coordinated Brazilian foreign policy throughout Lula’s government and is appointed as one of the former president’s main advisers on the matter in this year’s campaign, told leaf “Being against dictatorial regimes but also preaching dialogue.”

“I am not in favor of that [las dictaduras], and President Lula himself has said that he is not in favor of indefinite elections and political prisons. I tell you, frankly, that I am totally against political prisons, “he added.

However, the article states, “ehe potential for conflict over the defense of authoritarian regimes was already demonstrated months before the electoral race. When the dictator Daniel Ortega was re-elected in a fictitious election in Nicaragua in November, the PT’s International Relations Secretariat published a note congratulating him on his victory in an election described as a great popular and democratic demonstration ”.

“Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba have a history of persecuting the opposition, repressing demonstrations, threatening press freedom and co-opting institutions … There is also a serious economic crisis and a shortage of basic products,” adds the Brazilian publication.

According to the news outlet, the discussion around dictatorships aligned with the PT reappeared last weekend, when an extract of an interview with the former president circulated on social networks. Dilma Rousseff granted in August to the portal Opera Mundi, in which he attributes Hugo Chávez’s success in Venezuela to an alliance with the Army. “Chavismo made a bet on the Army. Fundamentally. Unless we are naive, “said the PT. “Wherever there is an army, never believe that paramilitary mobilizations occur without their complicity,” added the former president. The assessment drew attention because it clashed with the position of important figures in the party, a historical ally of Chavismo.

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