Lula da Silva will have his own formal session at the AR, not on the 25th of April | Assembly of the Republic

After all, the President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, will not speak at the ceremony commemorating the 49th anniversary of the 25th of April, but will instead have his own solemn tribute session in the Assembly of the Republic, the date of which is yet to be defined – but which may until the 25th itself in the afternoon.

The matter led to a long debate at the leadership conference this Wednesday morning, which lasted two hours (longer than usual) and Augusto Santos Silva was mandated by the parties to find the best solution. Only Chega did not agree with holding a formal reception session for the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil in the Portuguese Parliament, insisting on the arguments that he was someone who was convicted and served time for corruption.

After the controversy created with the invitation left by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the President of Brazil to speak at the formal session of the 25th of April without the Assembly of the Republic pronouncing on the subject, Augusto Santos Silva felt obliged to be him to announce to journalists that there will, after all, be two different sessions.

The president stressed that the “good Portuguese tradition” is to have solemn sessions in the Assembly of the Republic for state visits by foreign heads of state and that “this will happen” with President Lula da Silva, as happened with Collor de Mello, Fernando Henrique Cardoso and even Lula da Silva himself in a previous term.

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