Lupillo Rivera undergoes a facial procedure like the Kardashians and this is how she looks

California.- Lupillo Rivera he voted to have a facial procedure that would force him to change his beard look that he maintained for more than four.

Is about “Power” un procedure through light and punctures on the face, which forced him to remove facial hair and thus accentuate sun spots and possible wrinkles on his face.

At the time of the procedure. Photo: Capture

Lupillo, who is not a regular in the operating room, decided to do it on the recommendation of his partner, since she did it almost 10 days ago.

The treatment is called ‘Potenza’, it is a treatment to remove stains, all that stuff, I said on Facebook that if I did that process and many people said yes “.

At the time of application. Photo: Capture

Lupillo commented that this procedure is performed by Kim Kardashian, so she expects the same results.

This is how Lupillo looked. Photo: Capture

El Dr. Ghavami, was in charge of doing the intervention, where he explained what it consisted of and the results.

Lupillo and his later without a beard. Photo: Capture

During application, Lupillo he showed some discomfort on his face, and some punctures.

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